February 2008

Now Open: Lavasoft eStores

Staying on top of PC security can be difficult. Shopping for and using security products shouldn’t have to be! Our website visitors may have noticed a convenient new addition to Lavasoft.com this past month – Lavasoft’s eStores.

Introduced to make it easier for our customers to get Lavasoft products and a broad range of tools from our partners, the eStores are organized into three sections: Lavasoft Store, Special Offers, and Partner Products.

Lavasoft eStores continue to offer the same secure shopping experience that you need and expect when buying our products online. What’s new: we’re now providing you with a more accessible means to shop, with easy-to-locate products and special deals exclusive to Lavasoft customers.

Visit Lavasoft’s eStores today to see what we have to offer. Click on each eStore’s graphic, below, to enter the store.  

The Lavasoft Store makes shopping for security products simple. With a wide and growing selection in our own line-up of security software, we make it easy for you to protect your private information. Whether at home or at the office, we bring you safety, security and peace of mind.

Special Offers
Get the Lavasoft products you depend on for Internet security at a fraction of the regular price! Maximize your PC security by taking advantage of special offers on our products. Visit the Special Offers eStore to get extra protection at an extra low price.

PARTNER Products
The product line-up has expanded, providing Lavasoft customers with special deals on a diverse assortment of products. We are now offering a more complete solution with all the tools you need. Check out these exclusive offers from our partners.

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Research indicates that the Storm Worm botnet increased in size by over 200% due to seasonal spam blasts surrounding Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Following a pre-Valentine’s Day surge, Storm made up 8% of overall e-mail traffic.
Source: Honeyblog.org, Sophos

An exploit is a piece of software that takes advantage of a hole or vulnerability in a computer user’s system in order to gain unauthorized access to the system.
Source: Anti-Spyware Coalition Glossary

You hear time and time again about the importance of keeping your computer patched against known vulnerabilities. Find out how to stay up-to-date.

“I just wanted to tell you what an amazing line of products you have. Many times [Ad-Aware 2007] has saved my computer from a total crash, or me the hassle of wiping the hard disk clean. It finds so many things: malware, adware, spyware and malicious email attachments, Trojans, monitoring tools and back-door viruses, things that are so hard for me to find on my own. Thank you, really. You make my life so much easier.”
S. Black (Setsuna, Kansas, USA)

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