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Lavasoft Introduces New Privacy Tools

You already know that Lavasoft’s Ad-Aware anti-spyware products and Personal Firewall are effective, easy-to-use software to keep your computer secure. Now, in direct response to your demand for a greater variety of solutions to combat the array of security challenges in our digital world, Lavasoft has introduced new products that are a reflection of today’s information security threats.

With prying eyes able to access all kinds of confidential data through our computers, it is essential to have strong solutions in place. At Lavasoft, we are constantly evaluating the online environment to ensure that consumers have the means to control their computer security and privacy.

As more and more information is stored on our computers and passed back and forth from person to person, digital document and file security presents new challenges for home and corporate computer users, with fear of data breaches, identity theft, and loss of sensitive information. Lavasoft has released three new products to relieve that worry: Lavasoft Digital Lock, Lavasoft File Shredder, and Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox.

“While we will continue to protect the privacy and security of individuals with our flagship Ad-Aware anti-spyware software, the release of these three new products signals a new era at Lavasoft as we begin to provide our customers with additional security tools. Our products must continue to grow and expand in response to the demands of our customers and to today's varying security challenges,” said Jason King, the recently appointed chief executive officer at Lavasoft.

This new line of Lavasoft solutions, developed through the expertise of our partners in the computer security industry, are a natural addition to the privacy and security tools you use on a regular basis to safeguard your sensitive information. See a description of each of our new products below. Click on the product boxes to see a full features list for each product.

Lavasoft Digital Lock

FEATURESProtect the private digital data on your computer with the strong encryption technology of Lavasoft Digital Lock. Your online files, both at home and at the office, are a trove of private and potentially valuable information. Theft of confidential information can result in heavy financial loss, as well as lost time. With Lavasoft’s encryption technology, securely store or send files by e-mail knowing that your private information is safely locked and will never fall into the wrong hands.


Lavasoft File Shredder

FEATURESTake control of the information on your PC with Lavasoft File Shredder. Even after you think you have deleted information and files, traces still remain on your computer. When you delete a file, empty your Recycle Bin or format your hard disk, the information is not always removed from your PC; these methods only alter the structure of the drive, leaving most of the data intact and recoverable. You can shred your sensitive digital files with the same certainty as you shred sensitive papers in a paper shredder. Permanently remove unwanted files and data, at home or at the office, with Lavasoft File Shredder.

Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox

FEATURESBuild the security you require – get both the Lavasoft File Shredder and Digital Lock in one easy-to-use application. Securely store information or remove it for good from your PC with the Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox, giving you full control of your digital documents. Get the most for your money with savings of over 30 percent compared to buying both products separately!

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Lavasoft Privacy Toolbox
The risk associated with using the Internet, like spam, viruses, spyware and phishing, remains high, according to Consumer Reports. In the first half of 2007, spyware infections prompted 850,000 U.S. households to replace their computers, according to a recent survey. One out of every 11 surveyed had a major, often costly problem due to spyware. The economic fallout per incident was averaged at $100 (U.S.), with damage totaling $1.7 billion.

Source: Consumer Reports, State of the Net 2007
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A pump and dump scam is a spam technique that uses misleading messages to create hype around targeted stock – usually “penny stocks” that sell for less than $1 U.S. per share. Spammers acquire the stock before sending their spam, and then “dump” their shares after share prices have inflated. The result: investors are fooled into losing money, while the spammers make off with a profit. Read more about recent spam trends in our “Spam Surge” article.

Tech Tips
Every time you surf the Net, your browser keeps track of all of your online steps. With Ad-Aware 2007, we’ve given you an easy solution to remove all traces of your Internet browsing from your system, keeping spyware from documenting surf patterns and targeting you with adware and spyware. TrackSweep, one of the new privacy features in Ad-Aware 2007, gives you the option to clean your cache, cookies, history, last typed URLs, and browser tabs from Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera, in one clean sweep! To use TrackSweep, from the “Tools & Plug-Ins” tab in Ad-Aware 2007’s user interface, select “TrackSweep” and then choose the items you want cleaned. TrackSweep is a feature in Ad-Aware 2007 Free, Plus and Pro.
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The Anti-Phishing Working Group is an organization committed to wiping out online scams by focusing on eliminating fraud and identity theft that results from phishing, pharming, and e-mail spoofing. Visit its website to report phishing attempts, pharming sites, and crimeware, or browse the informative resources section to brush up on the latest threats.
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