Lavasoft News - June 2007

Ad-Aware 2007 Premiere

The premiere of Ad-Aware 2007 is only days away, and an all-new Ad-Aware anti-spyware will be available online June 7, and on U.S. retail shelves shortly thereafter.

At Lavasoft, our mission is to develop and deliver the highest quality anti-spyware solutions, in order to give computer users the power to control their privacy and security. Ad-Aware 2007 is Lavasoft’s answer to the rapidly changing threat landscape in today’s cyber world. The fully redesigned Ad-Aware 2007 has a new architecture that allows for more program flexibility and improved malware detection as the industry continues to grow in sophistication.

“The launch of Ad-Aware 2007 is an important step for us here at Lavasoft, setting the groundwork for our focus on the next generation of malware and spyware threats,” said Lavasoft CEO Ann-Christine Åkerlund.

At the same time, we know that security does not have to be complicated to be effective and relevant. Ad-Aware 2007 was developed with direct input from computer users representing the spectrum of ability, and the fresh new interface smoothly guides users through the complexities of detecting and removing malware, while still providing advanced options for experienced users.

With Ad-Aware 2007, Lavasoft has responded to the needs of the everyday computer user at home as well as the IT individual in a business setting. Ad-Aware 2007’s fully rebuilt engine results in faster scanning times, and is stocked with convenient new additions like automatic scans and Web updates with the Scheduler feature, the TrackSweep privacy tool that erases tracks left behind from Internet browsing with the click of a button, and the built-in Hosts File Editor to block advertisement sites and reverse browser hijack entries.

The 2007 product will be released in three different versions: Ad-Aware 2007 Pro, Ad-Aware 2007 Plus, and Ad-Aware 2007 Free (formerly known as Personal). Take a look at the host of new features included in Ad-Aware 2007 Pro, Plus, and Free by clicking on the product boxes below.

While Ad-Aware 2007 will not be Vista compatible right away, a Vista compatible version (32-bit) will be released at the end of August, and all Ad-Aware users with a valid license will immediately receive the Vista compatible version update upon its release.

Remember, if you have a valid Ad-Aware SE license, you are eligible for an update to the new Ad-Aware 2007 version, completely free of charge!

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Source: Network World
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