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Letters to The Editor

In my opinion, the only reason that past attempts to approve of such legislation failed is due to the fact that former party dominance of the Senate votes by pro big business interests have been cast against regulation of anything that affects big business. That is the reason why "we the people" have not been able to get a fair word in on those bills and their approval. With the coming of a different Senate majority, as of the last election, we may now be able to see the pushing aside of selfish private interest votes. Let's hope that future pro- people bills will have more success in being voted into law.
Independent voter
Charles B.

I'm pretty sure I'd back it after checking into it in a little more detail.  About the only "news" I came away from that article with, was that the Senate is the detractor in passing anything, and that's not new.  A large number of ignorants who prefer to remain ignorant about these subjects, is making judgments on them; nothing new and nothing that will change soon and not a good thing. 
I am FOR the regulation as far as stated in the article.  I am also fully aware that it could not, would not, stem the flow of spam from o'seas, but ... it would put a good dent in it since the origins are often right here at home!  Also other countries would follow suit.  So far Australia seems to be the only country with guts enough to really try to stop spamming.  And it's been successful to a large degree. 
I wish we'd get together with the EU (or whatever they call themselves today) and model a world-wide regulation, in addition to this pending legislation. 
I also wish, our government critters would forget that damned party-line that goes between them.
All that said, at this moment in time, a block against .ch, .cn, .tk, .ro, .ru and a few others goes a LONG ways toward stemming spam but it does nothing to stop the spamming. 

Absolutely support all legislation against spyware, phishing, malware, keylogging and anything else underhand - anything done without my knowledge and consent.
Oregon City, OR

It seems odd that these bills are passing the House by such a large margin, but being killed by the Senate. I wonder if the problem is too much pork, or other undesirable and unrelated legislation, attached to the bills.
W. T. Lockman Jr.

Given Congress' inability to enact balanced legislation or enact legislation that caters to a small group of special interests I am more afraid of the legislation than the spyware. 
T. Stephens

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