Lavasoft News - May 2007

Ad-Aware 2007 To Hit the Shelves in June

With the help of feedback from our Ad-Aware 2007 beta testers, the final betas are being tested, tweaked, and refined. At the time of our Beta Six release on April 20, over 200,000 people were actively working with the beta, providing key feedback to our development team. The final beta release, followed by a two week testing process, is scheduled for May 8.

Our loyal community has been spreading the word on our upcoming new product, which is already garnering a positive response within the security industry.

"The Ad-Aware 2007 Beta features improved detection of adware and hidden malware, a scanning engine that goes easy on your PC's system resources, and a snazzy new interface," according to one journalist at PC World.

Our beta testers and Ad-Aware SE users alike have been eagerly anticipating the final product. As many of you who have test-driven the Ad-Aware 2007 Beta have seen, Ad-Aware 2007 is a fully redesigned product, giving you the tools necessary to combat today's constantly changing threat landscape.

"They can be assured that Ad-Aware 2007 is not just an improved version of Ad-Aware SE. Ad-Aware 2007 is a completely rebuilt product that will allow us to form a base for future detection of replicating and polymorphic threats. In addition to that, incremental Definitions File updates allow us to be more aggressive in detecting threats, moving towards our goal of zero-day updates," Lavasoft's Security Center Director, Christopher Allansson, says.

Among the host of new features of Ad-Aware 2007 are a fully redesigned engine, advanced Code Sequence Identification Technology, enhanced Detection Database with incremental and automatic Definitions File updates, new graphical user interface, automatic scans and Web updates with the all-new scheduler, Ad-Watch TrackSweep, Hosts File Editor, a system restore point, and multiple browser support.

We have had many questions coming in from our Ad-Aware SE users about Ad-Aware 2007's compatibility with Microsoft Vista. While we have had every intention of launching Ad-Aware 2007 as Vista compatible software, product development has recently discovered a technical glitch required for Ad-Aware 2007 to fully operate with Vista, and in order to meet the launch date that we committed for our worldwide customers and to completely comply with Microsoft's requirements for the Vista program, the product will not be Vista compatible immediately when launched in June.

Lavasoft developers are determined to resolve the issue, and to promptly deliver a Vista compatible version. The new Ad-Aware 2007 product has been built with the capability to immediately distribute version updates and patches (something that was not possible with the SE versions) and all Ad-Aware users with a valid license will immediately receive the Vista compatible update as soon as the issues are resolved.

"We know that Vista compatibility is an important issue for our Ad-Aware users, and it is a priority for the Lavasoft development team. We are doing everything we can to address the issue as quickly as possible, so that we can release a Vista compatible version of Ad-Aware 2007 in Q3," says Lavasoft's Chief Technical Officer, Adelmo Pozzi.

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A dialer is any program that utilizes a computer's modem to make calls or access services. Users may want to remove those that dial without the user's active involvement, resulting in unexpected telephone charges and/or cause access to unintended and unwanted content. They have the ability to run in the background, hiding their presence.
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  • If you don't need a dial-up connection, unplug your phone from the computer.
  • Disable dialup connections. If you're using Windows, for instance, click on "Start," "Settings," "Control Panel" and then "Internet Options." Open the "Connections" tab, and make sure "Never dial a connection" is checked.
  • Update your Ad-Aware SE anti-spyware and run a full sweep of your computer.
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