Lavasoft News - April 2007

Ad-Aware 2007 Beta Status Report

In the few hours following the release of Ad-Aware 2007's Public Beta 1 on March 6th, more than 50 000 people had downloaded it. By the time we were ready to roll out Beta Two just four days later, 330 337 people around the world had the beta on their computers! Beta Three attracted even more downloads, in the range of 350 000. There seems to be a pattern here, a pattern we at Lavasoft quite like.

Our loyal community is obviously spreading the word about the product. Search engine Technorati, which tracks the 71.1 million blogs that are out there on the web today, shows blog traffic mentions of Ad-Aware 2007 jumped significantly each time we released new versions of the beta. See for yourself on Technorati's chart.

The testers have also been busy providing Lavasoft developers with feedback on the product. And in addition to squashing any bugs found, the development team is squeezing extra hours out of the day to go in and chat with the community in our special Beta forums created exclusively for Lavasoft beta testers.

"These forums are designed as an avenue for the testers to pose questions, report issues and provide suggestions for features in Ad-Aware 2007," said Lavasoft CEO Ann-Christine Åkerlund. "We cannot stress enough how important the community's feedback is to us and how directly this input affects our finished product. Thank you."

What else is new at Lavasoft?

The Lavasoft Security Center is being overhauled by our web development and research teams and when re-launched later this summer, will be much more interactive. Along with featuring a new spyware tutorial section, one of the major highlights will be an incentive program offered to those who take the time to submit so-called "nasties" to us.

Lavasoft's Security Center Director, Christopher Allansson, says he wants to reward the users who engage themselves in the research process.

"Just as the beta testing community is key to the development of the new Ad-Aware product, the international team of volunteers that files reports to research helps keep the standard of our current product so high," said Allansson. "Without our volunteers we could not keep reporting at the pace we do."

The Lavasoft website will also feature a centralized log-in system in the near future so users will no longer have to keep track of several different passwords. One log-in will grant access to the entire site, including both the Support and Security Center. Look also for our Lavasoft blogs to be available via RSS feeds.

Stay tuned.

If you are still interested in beta testing Ad-Aware 2007, it is not too late! Register today in the Lavasoft Security Center. Once you get your password, log in and download the latest version from our main Beta Page. New versions will be released on a regular basis to ensure that we are getting updates and fixes out to all of you in the beta community immediately so that you are working with the most up-to-date information.

See you in the Beta Forum!

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