Lavasoft News - February 2007

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PcTurboPro is a program that claims to optimize the user's system. Annoying warning pop-ups occur when the user shuts down his/her computer. It wants the user to optimize the system, but only if he/she registers and buys a version of PcTurboPro. It also installs files that are running in stealth and adds an auto-start feature that cannot be disabled.

SpyMarshal SpyMarshal is a rogue anti-spyware application that can be automatically installed on the system from a third party Trojan.downloader. The user is made to believe it's a good program that removes spyware, but the actual results from the system scan are fake. Alert warnings try to entice the user to buy SpyMarshal software. If the user restarts the computer, SpyMarshal automatically scans the user's hard drive and the uninstaller is non-functional.

Win32.Backdoor.Hupigon installs a backdoor service on the infected computer. This backdoor lets the attacker gain full control of the compromised system. Win32.Backdoor.Hupigon is also known as Win32.Backdoor.Graybird.

Win32.TrojanPWS.LdPinch Win32.TrojanPWS.LdPinch is a Trojan that will run in the background and monitor the user while surfing. It will also try to steal passwords from different kinds of messenger and ftp programs. Stolen information is sent back using either e-mail or http traffic.

Win32.TrojanPWS.OnlineGames is a Trojan that focuses mainly on stealing login information for online games by monitoring keystrokes and sending them to a remote host.


Win32.TrojanPWS.QQPass is a password-stealing Trojan that hooks itself into the system.

TAI - Threat Analysis Index
The Lavasoft Threat Analysis Index (TAI) system is based on a 10-point scale, with 1 representing the lowest threat and 10 representing the highest. The behavior of the program has more influence when assigning TAI points than the actual technical aspects of the malware. In other words, if the malware secretly attaches without the computer user's full understanding and approval, then it will automatically be given higher TAI points. A minimum TAI value of 3 is required before the malware is put into detection. Read more on the Lavasoft Security Center here.


Threat Analysis (TA) Index

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Ad-Aware Breaks Records at
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More than 3/4 of Americans are net users, spending an average of 8.9 hours online a week. For the first time in 2006, the number of women logging on equaled the number of men.
Source: Survey from the Center for the Digital Future
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A cookie is a piece of data that a website saves on a user’s hard drive and retrieves when the user revisits that site. It may use a unique identifier that links to login data, preferences, etc. A tracking cookie is any cookie used for tracking users’ surfing habits. They are typically used by advertisers wishing to analyze and manage advertising data. Read more in Lavasoft’s Spyware Glossary.
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Did you know that the Lavasoft Support Forums are the perfect place to go for up-to-date technical advice? Forums Administrator Janie Whitty, aka Calamity Jane, checks all new posts made. Lavasoft staff members regularly go in to read and post. We also have a team of international volunteers who help our users with their questions and concerns. If you do not already have an account sign up today at There are currently more than 15,000 registered members!
Letters to the Editor
Thanks to all of you who wrote to us with your thoughts on spam and the future of e-mail. Spam definitely gets people talking. Read some of your letters here.
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