Lavasoft News - January 2008 Lavasoft News - January 2008

Tips and Tactics

Spam levels continue to increase, flooding our inboxes with unsolicited mail. The good news is that we can turn to spam fighting filters and tactics; however, the downside is that we open up the possibility of having “good mail” being marked as junk.

Remember to set up a “trusted list” in e-mail and anti-spam programs to ensure that the senders you want to receive mail from can get messages to your inbox.

When you sign-up for mailing lists from companies or organizations, be sure to include that sender on your trusted list or whitelist.

It’s also a good idea to review your “Junk” e-mail folder from time to time to check that legitimate
e-mail has not been caught there.

Are you unsure of how to configure your specific
e-mail program or spam filter? has a helpful section you can turn to for detailed information and step-by-step instructions to be sure your favorite newsletters and other good mail make it to your inbox.

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