Lavasoft News - January 2008 Lavasoft News - January 2008

Threat Check

What types of threats have been plaguing computer users this past month? Take a look, below, at the top threats creating a buzz among Ad-Aware users in the Lavasoft Support Forums.

1. Worm.Blaster
The Blaster worm was first discovered in summer 2003 but is still active on some networks. It uses an exploit in Windows.

2. Trojan.Crypt
Trojan.Crypt is a Trojan family that installs itself as a Trojan and will then try to download and install rogue anti-spyware on the infected system.

3. Win32.TrojanDownloader.Zlob
Win32.TrojanDownloader.Zlob is the "original" fake codec malware. It disguises itself as a media codec that is needed to be installed for the user to view a certain movie (often pornographic content). Once installed, the user will get a barrage of pop-ups and security warnings consisting mainly of casino advertisements and rogue applications.

4. Virtumonde
Virtumonde, also known as Vundo, is a type of malware/adware that often requires special help, or tools, to remove. It hooks itself into the system and then displays pop-ups. It's also been seen, though not as commonly, popping-up fake alerts for rogue anti-spyware.

5. PurityScan
PurityScan is a type of adware that downloads and displays advertisements on the infected machine.

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Have a question about one of these threats? Need guidance on how to rid your computer of spyware and malware? Take advantage of free support from our worldwide volunteer security network at the Lavasoft Support Forums.

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