Lavasoft News - January 2007

Name Description

Adware.Mirar gathers information from search terms and visited websites and displays advertisements based on the gathered information.

Adware.PluginDL Adware.PluginDL displays advertisements based on keywords in the websites the user visits.

Adware.TrafficSol installs a dll file into the system32 folder. The malicious dll file hijacks the IExplorer browser. When the user does standard searches in the browser it will be exposed with pop ups and force installs of rogue anti-spyware programs.

BraveSentry BraveSentry is a rogue anti-spyware program; it displays fake warnings on the user's computer to persuade the user to purchase its full commercial version. It may be related to Spysheriff/SpywareNo

Win32.Hacktool.WinSpy is a tool that is able to hijack, monitor and send private information about the user's computer.


Win32.TrojanDownloader.Banload downloads Win32.TrojanSpy.Bankers. The malicious downloaded files run in stealth and wait for the user to log in on a specific bank domain. When this happens it transmits banking information without the user's explicit permission.

TAI - Threat Assessment Index
The Lavasoft Threat Analysis Index (TAI) system is based on a 10-point scale, with 1 representing the lowest threat and 10 representing the highest. The behavior of the program has more influence when assigning TAI points than the actual technical aspects of the malware. In other words, if the malware secretly attaches without the computer user's full understanding and approval, then it will automatically be given higher TAI points. A minimum TAI value of 3 is required before the malware is put into detection. Read more on the Lavasoft Security Center here.


Threat Analysis (TA) Index

Spam Stats
1971 The first e-mail was sent by the computer engineer Ray Tomlinson
50 billion Number of e-mails sent every day
45 billion Number of e-mails from spammers
$50 billion The cost in lost productivity and expenses to fight spam in 2006
Source: The Times Online

Term of the Month
Internet lore claims the term spam gets its name from the well-known Monty Python sketch set in a café where every dish comes with the tinned-meat product Spam! A spam e-mail message is defined as being both unsolicited and bulk.

Forum Spam
Lavasoft's forums administrator CalamityJane deals with spam on a daily basis. She actually bans about 100 spammers per month. "Our forums do employ prevention measures such as requiring e-mail validation of new members and the CAPTCHA security routine, plus we have ban filters in place to minimize the amount of spam posts in the forums. It continues to be a problem and users need to be aware of precautions they should take when encountering forum spam posts (do not click on links or attachments). Report any spam to a Forums Administrator," she says.

Read more about Forum Spam at Wikipedia and take advantage of CalamityJane's expertise in the Lavasoft Support Forums today.

Tech Tips
If you have received e-mails that are just filled with gibberish, but do not require you to click on anything, they are designed to get you to mark them as spam and confuse your Bayesian spam filter (uses statistical methods to classify messages as spam). It may be wise to use your web mail account to delete all junk mail before opening up Outlook or Outlook Express.

Letter to the Editor
This is the first newsletter (December Lavasoft News) that I have received from you and it's very informative. Thanks for all of the new info.
There's so much out there that you don't know who to believe. You seem to put it in some order.

Maryann Garrett
Rison, Arkansas, USA

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