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Editorial graphicHappy New Year! Lavasoft liked the number 2007 so much we decided to make it the year to launch the latest version of our signature anti-spyware tool Ad-Aware - hence the name - Ad-Aware 2007. Read more about the product and how to stay safe in a year expected to be a lucrative one for cyber thieves. 2006 seemed to be spam's year, but 2007 will not likely be any different. That is why this issue of Lavasoft News focuses on the phenomenon that has every computer user on the planet talking. Enjoy this year's first Lavasoft News and do not hesitate to tell us what you think at

News from Lavasoft

The Countdown to Ad-Aware 2007
The original anti-spyware company is about to remind all of you why we put the name anti-spyware on the map.

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Spam - Taking Over our E-mail Inboxes
It is too bad we cannot turn back the hands of time to when Spam was just a canned luncheon meat. Today's version of spam is leaving a bad taste in our mouths for a different reason.

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Groups Waging a War on Spam
Wiping out spam is no easy task, but several groups are doing their best to tackle the online nuisance that has evolved into an online epidemic.

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Privacy in a Digital World
Technology in the world we live in is an important part of our daily communication and interaction. As digital technology collides with privacy concerns, how much control do you have over your personal information?

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Spyware Ops - A Year in Review
Last month, we told you how the validity of existing spyware legislation is being questioned. It's not all bad news in terms of busting the bad guys. Take a look at the progress made this past year.

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Security Shorts
Lavasoft News has compiled of a list of "security shorts" - summaries of other online security stories making news around the world this past month.

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Spyware Newsbits

New Targets in Detection (December 2006)
Protect your privacy with a complete list of new targets for December 2006.

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Discount on Ad-Aware SE extended to January 10, 2007


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Spam Stats
1971 The first e-mail was sent by the computer engineer Ray Tomlinson
50 billion Number of e-mails sent every day
45 billion Number of e-mails from spammers
$50 billion The cost in lost productivity and expenses to fight spam in 2006
Source: The Times Online

Term of the Month
Internet lore claims the term spam gets its name from the well-known Monty Python sketch set in a café where every dish comes with the tinned-meat product Spam! A spam e-mail message is defined as being both unsolicited and bulk.

Forum Spam
Lavasoft's forums administrator CalamityJane deals with spam on a daily basis. She actually bans about 100 spammers per month. "Our forums do employ prevention measures such as requiring e-mail validation of new members and the CAPTCHA security routine, plus we have ban filters in place to minimize the amount of spam posts in the forums. It continues to be a problem and users need to be aware of precautions they should take when encountering forum spam posts (do not click on links or attachments). Report any spam to a Forums Administrator," she says.

Read more about Forum Spam at Wikipedia and take advantage of CalamityJane's expertise in the Lavasoft Support Forums today.

Tech Tips
If you have received e-mails that are just filled with gibberish, but do not require you to click on anything, they are designed to get you to mark them as spam and confuse your Bayesian spam filter (uses statistical methods to classify messages as spam). It may be wise to use your web mail account to delete all junk mail before opening up Outlook or Outlook Express.

Letter to the Editor
This is the first newsletter (December Lavasoft News) that I have received from you and it's very informative. Thanks for all of the new info.
There's so much out there that you don't know who to believe. You seem to put it in some order.

Maryann Garrett
Rison, Arkansas, USA

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