Lavasoft News - November 2006

Ever get the feeling that all the news you read is bad news? Even Lavasoft News can be a little overwhelming at times because we write stories about how widespread online crime has become and tell you about all the latest threats, but keep in mind we are always just trying to educate you about spyware. This month, we have some lighter stories for your enjoyment. Read about a Canadian university teaching the inner workings of spyware, find out about a few good cyber citizens taking a bite out of online crime, get the inside information on our new-and-improved Lavasoft website, and more.

Some of you have expressed interest in a larger font size for the newsletter. We have varied the text slightly in our mail-out version, however the font will be fully adjustable in our online version here.

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News from Lavasoft

Controversy Surrounds Upcoming Vista Release
Just a few months ahead of the long-awaited release of its Vista operating system, Microsoft is under scrutiny from security vendors.

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Spyware School at Canadian University
Two controversial courses offered to Computer Science students at the University of Calgary in Canada teach the basics of writing viruses and spyware.

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Creating Safe Space on Social Networking Sites
Social networking sites are not just for teens anymore. Socializing online continues to gain popularity, but with the high level of online threats, security needs to be a priority.

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Netting Phishers at the Grassroots Level
Meet a few good cybercitizens trying to net the phish swimming in the electronic sea in an effort to steal your private information.

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Launch of
The new-and-improved website has been launched, with plans to optimize in progress.

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Spyware Shorts
Lavasoft News has compiled a list of "spyware shorts" - summaries of other spyware stories making news around the world this past month.

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Spyware Newsbits

New Targets in Detection [October 2006]
Protect your privacy with a complete list of new targets for October 2006.

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Spyware Stats
81% of home computers lack core protection (updated anti-virus software, a firewall and spyware protection).

38% of home computers lack any spyware protection software.
Source: National Cyber Security Alliance

Trojan horse

Term of the Month
A Trojan, or Trojan horse, as it's usually known, is a malicious program disguised as, or embedded within, legitimate software. It is derived from the classical myth of the Trojan horse. Compared to other types of malware, like viruses or worms, Trojan horse programs cannot operate autonomously. Just as the Greeks needed the Trojans to bring the horse inside for their plan to work, Trojan horse programs depend on actions by the intended victims.

Tech Tips
Like millions of others, you are likely being bombarded with e-mail spam. Before you report the abuse to someone's ISP or domain administration, know that the sender could actually be a victim. Worms can spoof the sender's name; sometimes even the headers can be forged. Read Mary Landesman's tips on how to look up an IP address here at

Project Eco logotype

Re-Launch of Project Eco
Whether you consider the Greek or Roman origins, the word 'Eco' means the same thing...home. It is a term that denotes where we live and the environment that surrounds us. Lavasoft is proud to present Project Eco as a testament to our strong and unwavering commitment to protecting your environment. Read more here.

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