Lavasoft News - October 2006

Lavasoft Questions PC World's "Spyware Fighters"

Dear PC World:

First off, we fully understand why you chose to review Lavasoft's Ad-Aware SE Personal in your August 25th article, "Spyware Fighters."

You're right: it is popular software! In fact, Ad-Aware SE is trusted by more than 200 million computer users worldwide.

But, what we don't quite comprehend is why your article ranked all of the reviewed anti-spyware software, both paid and free, together in the same group.

Not all software is created equally, but it's not like we have to remind you of that. Users, of course, can expect enhanced capabilities to be available in software that they pay for, when compared with freeware.

In keeping with our mission, we're proud of the fact that we're able to provide free anti-spyware software to our consumers. And we know that even our free software tests in the same top range as some software that you have to pay for.

In the performance rating listed in your own article, Ad-Aware SE detected 5% more adware and spyware than the product ranked ahead of it, CounterSpy. Not only that, but Ad-Aware SE disinfected 10% more adware, and 25% more spyware than CounterSpy. It also did the best job, out of all of the software reviewed, of detecting malware samples.

In the full review, Ad-Aware SE Personal was called a "crippled program", because it doesn't have real time scanning. We don't market our Ad-Aware SE Personal freeware as having real-time scanning, and never have. If you want a fair competition, why not test our paid product, Ad-Aware SE Plus, which, by the way, has real-time scanning?

Sorry PC World, we just don't understand.

Ranking and Price List, according to "Spyware Fighters":

  1. WebRoot Spy Sweeper 5.0 Beta:   $30
  2. PC Tools Spyware Doctor 3.8:   $30
  3. Sunbelt Software CounterSpy 2.0 Beta:   $26
  4. Lavasoft Ad-Aware Personal 1.06:   Free
  5. Safer Networking Spybot- Search & Destroy 1.4:   Free

*Ad-Aware SE Plus, which offers real-time protection, is available for $26.95.

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Spyware infections prompted almost one million U.S. households to replace their computers in the first half of 2006.
-Consumer Reports, State of the Net 2006

The total loss from all cases of fraud referred to the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center in 2005 was $183.12 million, with an average loss of $424 per complaint. This is up from $68 million in total losses a year earlier.

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Thanks for removing "VirusBurst" on my PC. I tried several ways to get rid of that low-down nag. Spybot had detected it, but wasn't able to kill it. HijackThis removed it - and it was still there. The next day there was an update for Ad-Aware. After this it was that easy!! No spyware, no virus. Good work. I appreciate your reliability.
R. Busch, Berlin, Germany, 25/09/06
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A new report by an online security vendor shows that in August 2006, there were roughly 450 "adware families", with more than 4,000 variants.
    Industry experts say that as the amount of new viruses and worms drop off, criminal malware is given room to rise. Spyware, Trojans and phishing are the cyber-crime of choice in 2006.
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