Lavasoft News, September '06

Ad-Aware SE Lands People's Choice Award, Yet Again!
Once again, Ad-Aware SE has been awarded the annual People's Choice Award by the Shareware Industry Awards Foundation, Inc. Ad-Aware SE won under the 2006 PC World's "Most Votes" category.

The Shareware Industry Awards are determined by software developers and reviewers, "in 87 countries, all 50 of the United States, and every province of Canada."

The SIAF People's Choice Awards, though, were created specifically so that the public could participate in choosing their favorite software products.

The creator of the awards, Michael E. Callahan, sought to focus attention on the shareware industry at their annual conference, by giving shareware authors a ceremony, "like the Academy Awards."

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Lavasoft has 8,041 registered members, a total of 15,499 posts, and the most users ever online was 1,291 on June 28, 2006, 11:11 AM
McAfee Plays Fair Again
And we quote, "Several products that were previously marked as incompatible will no longer be flagged (this includes Ad-Aware)." McAfee has patched their updated virus scan, and now both Ad-Aware SE and McAfee users are sighing with relief. Read more at McAfee's forum
Spy Sweeper Conflict Solved
As reported by one of our Lavasoft forum members in August, Webroot has updated Spy Sweeper and fixed all conflicts with Ad-Aware SE. Read more at the Lavasoft Forum
Ad-Aware SE Lands People's Choice Award, Yet Again!
The people have spoken! It's confirmed: Ad-Aware SE is a favorite among computer users around the world. Read more

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